Nick Cave – Soundsuits

Great afternoon outing for the United Pet Group Creative Team to the Cincinnati Art Museum. We went to take in the Picasso and Monet exhibits, but I was even more impressed with Nick Cave and his Soundsuits! A must see….

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Don’t Mess with the Peacock Mantis Shrimp

Being a graphic designer and working with pet brands at United Pet Group has it’s perks, in my opinion. In our office atrium we have a salt water aquarium and last night there were about four fish added to tank. One of my coworkers and I started trying to name the fish because we both have a history with salt water creatures and he told me about this guy… The Peacock Mantis Shrimp.

We don’t have a Mantis Shrimp in the tank, but he used to have to photograph all types of marine fish at his last job and this guy was one of them. Beautifully strange, but quite aggressive. He said every time he would get close to the holding tank with his camera the Mantis Shrimp would approach the glass and start to knock on the glass. Afraid that it would shatter the glass, (because apparently this has happened) my photographer friend decided this little guy just wasn’t worth the trouble. After all it does have the nickname the “thumb splitter”.

Totally rad!