Trappistes Rochefort Label Redesign

It’s been a little over a year since I visited my oldest brother in Germany and had Trappistes Rochefort for the first time. Today, I stumbled onto the redesign of the package by Mildred & Duck on The Dieline. While I…

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Hey Girl for Designers… Swoon

Thanks to my BFF Chrissy W. for sharing this one with me. Alright, librarian humor and now graphic design/typography humor! That hottie Ryan Gosling is a busy man. 🙂

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Powerhouse Factories (I’ve been living under a rock)

Can’t believe I am just learning about Powerhouse Factories thanks to today’s Groupon! While I don’t think I am going to buy the Groupon… I have this plan to decorate a room in the house with cool rock posters and now I know where I can go shopping! You can follow them on twitter here: @phfdesign and read more about them in a Business Courier article here.