Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati

The Boys and Girls Club of Greater Cincinnati is a life-changing place for the youth in the Cincinnati and Northern Kentucky region. I learned this first hand when I worked at Intrinzic and had the opportunity to design many a things for the organization. This project by far was my favorite. I got to do it all with a team of amazing minds. It was a joint effort between myself, our amazing copywriter Sarah Leugers, an amazingly talented illustrator, Rob Warnick, and the always impressive photographer Brian Steege.

The premise of the annual report was Lives Redrawn. We actually went into the LeBlond location of the Boys and Girls Club and met some of the amazing young adults and children whose lives have been “redrawn” by their time spent in the clubs. After spending a few minutes getting to know their passions Brian photographed them doing the things they were passionate about. Then Rob drew illustrations that spoke to their dreams and aspirations and we superimposed them onto the beautiful photography that Brian took. Truly illustrating how their lives were changed and shaped by the activities and people working at the club locations.

I also like to brag that this is my one and only Cincinnati Addy Win… even if it was in 2008, I am still mighty proud! 😛