Dole® Salad Guide

Dole® launched a revision to their packaging that required a good deal of consumer education. In order to introduce and encourage trial of different salad blends Dole launched the Salad Guide. A sliding scale that measured two different attributes Dole determined consumers shopped for when choosing their salad blends. The first measurement from one to five rated the crunch-factor of their blends from Soft to Crunchy. The other salad blend measurement was flavor. It was also on a scale from one to five and helped consumers find mild to bold salad greens. The thought was that if a consumer liked a Soft and Bold blend that they would buy other salad blends that they hadn’t tried before that also measured the same on the Salad Guide scale.

The POS items main goal was to help organize the blends so consumers could find similar blends. We also proposed a place to house recipe cards to encourage trial and give consumers meal ideas with the different bagged salads. Overall, we wanted to energize the consumer and give the POS a bright and fun feel, just like the Salad Guide personality.