FURminator® Electric Clippers

This was a great project to be a part of the team. Not only did I get to design a new FURminator® package from scratch, but I was helped to brainstorm on tool names and positioning in the category. Some of the most interesting projects are those that you get to be a part of from the start and this was one of them. FURminator® is a leader in the deShedding category, but more and more we want to position ourselves as a leader in the grooming category as well. Our motto is a well-groomed pet, is a happy and healthy one. Previous to the release of this tool we did not have a presence in the Electric Clipper category. Now that we do we wanted our tool to obviously compete with the brands that are known for the clippers like Wahl and Andis. The package had to appear to be high end and we had to deliver in a way that the competitor didn’t.