Kloete Group Promotional ItemEvery marketer knows that picking the perfect promotional item for any client or even your own business can be a bit tricky.

For me… My first goal is always two-fold to be relevant to the business I am picking the item for and at the same time I don’t want the first reaction of the recipient to throw the item out. My most recent success story was for a new business I have been doing some contract design work for, the Kloete Group.

We were looking for the perfect item that he could pass out at a recent GCHRA event. It was the first annual GCHRA Staffing & Recruiting Strategies Seminar and topics covered methods and ideas for using Social Media in the HR field. Since Human Resources is based on networking and the people that you connect with… what better promo than a business card holder.

I evaluated a ton of different promotional item websites before picking the final product. The winner was Inkhead Promotional Products, Skeda I – Business Card Holder. Inkhead’s site was extemely user friendly and easy on the eyes. In my opinion, a ton of the promotional products websites can be a bear to navigate through and at times can be overwhelming because of how the products are organized on their sites. Not true with Inkhead, navigation was easy and I would definitely buy from them again. Their customer service was also top-notch. I received prompt email communications at each step of the design/review process and I even got a phone call from one of their customer service reps about the shipping costs They wanted to be sure I was ok with the extra cost to expedite the order before they charged my card. Love the extra communication in any business situation!

Most important, of course is the finished product and they turned out amazing! I chose to do a one-color imprint due to timing and the client was just thrilled. The quality of the product was everything I was hoping for and they looked classy and well-made.

At the event the handed out all but 10 (we ordered 50) of the business card holders. The Kloete Group said if they get just one Executive Search contract from the promo that it will pay for itself. So stay tuned for the ROI, but up to this point it has been a big “woo hoo” for me and my client!!


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  1. Nate Shenk says:

    Ahh…I love how organized your site is! I have so much work to do 😐

    Great article, BTW 🙂

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